AGENDA - FRIDAY 29th March

13:30 – 13:40


Cassandra Zanelli

Solicitor and Partner, PM Legal Services


13:40 – 14:20


Justin Bates

Barrister and legal writer, Landmark Chambers

Commonhold has been around for almost two decades, yet there are less than 50 developments in the whole country. The Law Commission has made proposals to increase the popularity and use of commonhold, but what actually is commonhold? How does it work and what does it mean for property managers?


14:20 – 14:50


What is a fire strategy? And why your block needs one……
Bradley Parker
Future Fire Systems

A fire strategy defines the fire safety objectives and the performance requirements for a building, and the methods by which these objectives will be provided. If asked, could you produce this important document for the building you manage?

In this session, we’ll explore what a strategy is and the important role it plays in the management of your buildings.


14:50 - 15:20


15:20 – 15:50


Preparing for the Tribunal
Justin Bates

Barrister and legal writer, Landmark Chambers

Going to the FTT is an inevitable part of your professional life. What can you do to make it a more pleasurable (and successful) experience?


Cloud Accounting

Jonathan Walton

Director, Whitley Stimpson

More details coming soon….


The most commonly asked insurance questions asked to Property Managers 
Paul Robertson

Managing Director, Midway Insurance

This session explores regularly asked questions such as;

  • why do we need terrorism insurance?

  • why can’t I insure my own flat?

  • who pays the excess?

  • why is the block not insured for its market value?

  • Why is my premium so much?

15:50 – 16:20


Fire Risk Assessments
Bradley Parker

Future Fire Systems

You’ve got your Fire Risk Assessment, what now?


Licences for Alterations
Julian Davies & Bill Pryke

Director, Earl Kendrick & Director, Earl Kendrick Licence to Alter

Licences (and requests for permission) form part of a property manager’s routine. In this session, we’ll consider typical leaseholder alterations, the processes, roles and responsibilities of the parties involved, case law, and technical considerations, together with case studies too..

Attending the Tribunal
Jeff Platt

Managing Director, Section 20

We’ve explored preparing for the Tribunal with Justin, and in this session we’ll explore attending the Tribunal, and look at some of the most common expectations the Tribunal will have (and how to deal with them).


16:20 – 17:00


VAT on on-site staff
Jonathan Walton

Director, Whitley Stimpson

More details coming soon……



Pulling Together
Andrew Bulmer

CEO, Institute of Residential Property Management

Post-Grenfell, we have had government consultations and announcements by the lorry load and more to come. When the noise stops, what will the world look like for residential property managers?